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Bullet Software Development for the 21st Century—An Executive Briefing (1/2 Day Seminar)
Building and delivering strategic information systems on schedule and within budget is more difficult than ever. New technologies hold real promise of dramatically increasing productivity and reducing development time. But the pitfalls are many—this half-day executive briefing presents a clear roadmap for the future. For more information...

Bullet Object-Oriented Systems Development—A 5-Day Workshop
This in-depth, 5-day workshop is our flagship offering. We have presented this workshop around the world over the past 5 years. Newly revised for 1997, this action packed workshop brings you from requirements to code in one week. Fully compliant with UML 1.0. For more information...

Bullet Transitioning to Object Technology—A 12-Step Program (1/2 Day Seminar)
With the ever increasing pressure to deliver large, complex software systems on budget and on schedule, many organizations find themselves scrambling to move from their current traditional software development methods to object-oriented methods. This half-day seminar presents a twelve-step program to get you from "here" to "there." For more information...

These presentations may be brought to your company for on-site presentation. Presentations may be customized to support your project needs. You get the best training at the lowest price. Additional topics are also available for on-site presentation. For more information...

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