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All public seminars and workshops are presented by Dr. Carl Argila.

Dr. Carl Argila is co-author, with Ed Yourdon, of Case Studies in Object-Oriented Analysis & Design (Prentice Hall, 1996). Dr. Argila offers over 30 years experience in the analysis, design and implementation of large software systems. Over the past seven years, Dr. Argila has presented seminars and workshops throughout North America, Europe, India and the Pacific Rim.

Dr. Argila is president of aLigra Systems; his consultancy offers a broad range of software engineering consulting and training services in the areas of software systems analysis and design, software development methods, software project management and the application of CASE technology.

What Students Say...

Great course! Instructor was excellent. Class was interesting & entertaining -- held my attention. Thanks!

This course is the best I've had, in terms of giving me skills I can apply immediately in my job!

I liked the fact we had a course outline to show us each day where we were heading. Reviews of the previously covered material were also very good for gaining perspective on the course and reinforcing that material.

Carl was knowledgeable, very concerned with what students gets out of his class.

...excellent instructor...was conscious of the class needs & presented the material very well with very appropriate examples.

Carl was very enthusiastic, willing to spend time with people during breaks...overall knowledge of subject matter outstanding.

This course is the most interesting bit of information I have had in many years!

The best sections were the hands-on exercises...

The work sessions were excellent.

The course covered everything and was excellent...I appreciated [the] many examples to help me learn the process (application of the methodology).

Knowledge was excellent, material was well organized. Addressed individual goals...Overall 100% better than most presenters I have seen. Excellent instructor!

The instructor was requested to modify the course to fit our specific needs. He was successful in doing this without impact to the standard course contents.

I enjoyed the instructor very much, one of the best that I have had. He was very knowledgeable and made sure that everyone understood the current subject material before moving on to the next topic. A real pro!

Partial List of Clients

Boeing Computer Services
Boeing Aerospace Corporation
Cadre Technologies
Chicago Title & Trust Co.
Cincinnati Bell Information Systems
Consolidated Freightways
Coulter Electronics
General Instrument
General Dynamics
GTE Government Systems
Haliburton Geophysical
IBM Canada
IBM Corporation
Internal Revenue Service
Kendall McGaw Labs
Lockheed Missiles & Space
Lockheed SSE
McDonnell Douglas Aircraft

Motorola Corporation
Nebraska Department of Roads
NIIT / New Delhi
Phillips Petroleum Co.
Reliance Electric Co.
Reliance COMM/TECH
Rockwell Corporation
Sandia National Labs.
Singular Software / Athens
Stanford Telecommunications
U.S.A.F. / Randolph AFB
U.S.A.F. / Tinker AFB
Virginia Technology Center
Westinghouse / Hanford
Westinghouse / Sonar Systems
Westinghouse Electric

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