"My Favorite Students"

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“I thought my days as a COBOL programmer were over. But this object crapola has given me a new lease on life!”

Athens, Greece

“I digested—and I returned enlightened.”

New Delhi, India

“Now I don’t have to worry about 1997 any more”

Johnny Wong
Hong Kong

“The worksessions quite literally brought me to new heights!”

New York City, USA

“This course just cuts thru the crap. Period.”
Tokyo, Japan

“I was quite literally between a rock and a hard place--Objects was my only way out.”

Berlin, Germany

“When I get back to work I’m ready to take on those C++ programmers.”

Chen Mei
Taipei, Taiwan

“We enjoyed the worksessions, but kept coming up with the same solutions.”
“The Valley Objects,” Zurich, Switzerland

“I found the principle of ‘information hiding’ to be the most useful.”

Tirana, Albania

“Carl was a great instructor, but he wore geeky clothes.”

Frankfurt, Germany

“Carl taught us how to find new objects. Now I find them everywhere!”

San Francisco, California

“I was surprised. I didn’t think an old fart like Carl could teach me anything new. But I learned a lotta
new stuff!”

Andover, MA

“When I joined IBM, right out of college, I thought I was set for life. Now with this object stuff, I’m back on the road again!

Los Angeles, CA

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