Consulting Services Price List
Effective 1-January-1997

aLigra Systems

On-Site Services

  • Formal Training Classes, Workshops, JAD Sessions, Mentor Services and General Consulting (Domestic)
    -- $1,995 per assignment day.
  • International Assignments -- $2,475 per assignment day.

Off-Site Services

  • System Requirements Analysis
    Based on client's documentation and/or customer interviews, etc. A formal requirements definition model is produced using a CASE tool. Priced from $25,000.
  • System Analysis or Design
    Based on client's documentation, customer interviews and/or formal requirements definition model. A formal analysis or design model (object-oriented or structured) is produced using a CASE tool. Priced from $30,000.
  • Analysis or Design Model Verification
    Client's system analysis or design is verified using a CASE tool. Priced from $5,000.
  • Complete System Implementation
    aLigra Systems will perform full system analysis and design and sub-contract, as required, for complete system implementation. aLigra Systems will insure system implementation meets client's requirements. Priced upon request.
  • Technical Advisor Services
    Review of technical work-products, project management assistance, participation in project review meetings, applicable off-site services and other assistance as needed. Price based on project duration.
  • Technology Transfer Services
    Telephone consultation and other assistance available on an impromptu basis. Priced on a monthly basis (three months minimum service) from $1,875 per month.


Prices subject to change without notice. All prices are quoted in US Dollars.

Fees are discounted by ten-percent when ten or more training and/or consulting days are scheduled in advance. Off-site services are discounted when packaged together with on-site services.

On-site fees do not include travel and expenses. Travel & expenses are the actual and reasonable cost of air fare, hotel, meals, rental car (if required) and any necessary incidental expenses. International assignments requiring air travel greater than six hours duration are booked in business class.

A two day minimum applies for domestic assignments; a three day minimum applies for international assignments.

Fees do not include textbooks which may be required for some classes.

Domestic assignments are due and payable within thirty days of presentation of invoice. International assignments are due and payable within forty-five days of presentation of invoice. International payments must be in U.S. Dollars by direct bank deposit. International assignments require advance payment or letter of credit.

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